Will Patton


Will Patton was raised in Ashland, Oregon, and grew up in and around the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and after appearing in two plays there as a youth, he gave up the bright lights of “Bard-way” to pursue a love of sports. That passion eventually was transferred from the playing field to a variety of positions at Nike, Inc. in the early 1990’s. Patton then worked as the Director of Marketing for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association from 1997-2003. Returning to Portland in 2003, Will has worked in Marketing at Nike, Inc. where he currently serves as Senior Director, Portfolio Integration.

Inspired by attending several of the authentic and moving performances and conversations at Cerimon House, Patton joined the board to once again add the cultural arts into his community service, and to play an active role in building a home for the humanities in Portland. Will is active in youth sports, having coached soccer for 9 years with Oak Hills Soccer Club and Somerset West Soccer Club and Basketball for the past 6 years with the YMCA and Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District. Will is currently coaching both 7th grade soccer and basketball. Since 2010 he has served the Bethany Community as a volunteer at the Bethany Branch of the Cedar Hills Public Library, and is a frequent donor to the American Red Cross Apheresis Department, having donated over 16 liters of platelets and plasma.