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Take A quick visual tour of our building:

The former Alberta Lodge (built in 1924) is a remarkable assembly hall located in the heart of the Alberta Arts District in Portland.
The building was originally the home of a neighborhood Masonic Lodge, then a place of worship for 20 years, and Cerimon House acquired and saved the building in 2013, restoring it to a new glory. We rent the building for gatherings and celebrations or all kinds.

Main Auditorium the central gathering space on our first floor. Perfect for lectures, presentations, workshops, and celebrations, this room fits a total of 120 seated guests (lecture/performance style) or 100 seated guests for a meal (chairs & tables)...and/or 150 guests for a standing "cocktail party" style event, gala or auction.

The room measures 35' X 35' and has 6 different entrances and exits. This marvelous hall features direct access to all first floor areas, projection walls, a small stage, a wrap-around balcony along three sides (which can be added for an additional fee, and/or is included in a large-event package) and a baby grand piano. This room is ADA-accessible. 

Ephesus Hall

....(pronounced "éff-eh-sis") is located just off of the Main Auditorium on our first floor. This long, golden-hued hall is a medium-sized space for smaller events with a maximum capacity of 40 seated guests, and is often used for social gatherings, classes & workshops, and readings & performances.

Conveniently located next to our ADA compliant restrooms and front lobby.  Beautiful refinished floors and two sets of doors leading in to the auditorium, this room can be added-on (for an additional cost) to be used as a catering or additional tabling space for your event. This room is ADA-accessible. 

Upstairs Suite & Downstairs Parlor

...are private rooms located on our first & second floor. These multi-use spaces are most usually transformed into Dressing Suites or "Green Rooms". The Upstairs Suite is very flexible, and is also requested as a classroom or meeting room for groups of up to 20 in size. 

Both rooms are quiet and located at the back of the building. There are many different configurations that work well in these cheery rooms which are also perfect for a small meeting, private consultation or lesson. The downstairs parlor is ADA-accessible.

The Balcony

....wraps around three sides of the Main Auditorium on the second floor of our building. The space can be added to a rental when more room is needed to accommodate your guests at a large event. 

Two wooden pews and 16 antique theater seats line two sides of the balcony: providing an excellent view of events in the Main Auditorium. There is ample space for upstairs catering and additional seating (most especially for gala-style events.) The windows in the balcony give it a beautiful natural light during the daytime, and can be lit-up with gallery lighting for evening events. 

The Lobby the main artery to all of the other spaces in our building. It features a series of double doors into the Main Auditorium, Ephesus Hall, and the Art Gallery, as well as direct access to our  ADA compliant restrooms, and the staircase to the Balcony.

This is the welcoming area of the building, complete with a large front desk and bench seating. If your event requires a modestly-sized check-in table or a box office set-up, this is where that would be located. At times, the connecting Art Gallery hallway is repurposed as a coat check booth.  A full outdoor ADA ramp connects to the lobby.

The Art Galleries

....are large downstairs and upstairs hallways with articulated lighting to accommodate the hanging of art shows. Cerimon House programming features pre-scheduled rotating exhibits of local and national artists, in conjunction with our annual programming themes.

During a large event, the downstairs gallery is often used as a "backstage" area exclusively for the catering and event staff. In this manner, it acts as a remarkable artery, to keep the flow of an event in motion.

We are honored to feature a semi-permanent collection of the works of local artist Betty Chilstrom.

Our building is ADA compliant with a FULL outdoor ramp and a bicycle parking area. THERE ARE four FULLY ADA COMPLIANT restrooms, a baby grand piano, and other UNIQUE amenities throughout. TABLES & CHAIRS ARE INCLUDED IN RENTALS. WE FEATURES ZONED HEATING AND A/C.

Photos by Lindsey Rickert Photography.