Cultural Initiatives


Each year we choose a theme that encompasses our programming, and in 2018 we welcome the year of Courage...and we'll do that with vivid & vigorous programming which shines the light on learning: performance, conversation, community interaction, workshops of note, and personal reflection at the Creative Path Walk gatherings.


Labyrinths have intrigued human populations for centuries, and Cerimon House introduces a large-scale floor labyrinth based on the historic Reims Cathedral pattern, with signature events & workshops for this working metaphor. Whereas mazes “amaze and confuse”, a labyrinth is a meditative path with a particular goal and an assured arrival point. Truly, the path is all.

We’ve created a walking path that finds a home in our main auditorium, and soon will travel for use in schools, spiritual & community centers, prisons & places of recovery.


Hand-knitted scarves are left in civic spaces, with a tag attached…and that tag may have brought you here. Or the scarf did. Or your story does. Whose scarf is this?  It’s yours…and was lovingly hand-knitted for you by a crafty person. And may it warm the cockles of your heart.

Send us a 200 word “yarn” of how this scarf came into your life, how it impacts your day, or tells a story of its own. We are eager to hear your tale. With thanks to our colleague Jennifer Le Blanc for introducing this project.