CREATIVITY: Cultural Arts

The cultural arts fuel the creative fire in our hearth.
The humanities are a living experience, and when a community is engaged with literature, philosophy, poetry, theatre, dance, spirit, and song, it is bound to be a healthy one. The cultural arts provide nourishment to feed the mind of a nation, each person in her place & time. At Cerimon House we create evenings of discourse featuring citizens, artistic troupes, musicians, and raconteurs who share word, song, and art. Our events shine a light on the wisdom of notable thinkers. One of our historical inspirations is the Circuit Chautauqua, a turn-of-the-20th-century educational and arts outreach model. We meet in beautiful places, including our 93 year old building (the fascinating former Alberta Lodge) in the heart of the Alberta Arts District, and at our sister organization Ainsworth House & Gardens in Oregon City.

The Cerimon House guiding principles of the "Four C's":