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Creative Path Walk: Returning the Thanks

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We’ve extended our labyrinth dates & times!
Be with us to walk the path this month on:

Sunday, November 17 - between 12noon to 4pm
Monday, November 18 - between 4pm-7pm
Tuesday, November 19 - between 4pm-7pm

(Allow 30 minutes for your walk, and stay with us longer if you’d like.)

“Returning the Thanks”
is the theme for our Creative Path Walk in November, 20019.

At this time of Thanksgiving, we recognize the power of Gratitude. May we carry a cornucopia in our mind, body, and spirit, and be the embodiment of thanks that we all long for. Together we are cornucopian: an abundant amount of good things, overflowing with plenty. The response of “You are welcome…” wants to be as deeply felt as the “Thanks…” that was sweetly proffered. Such is the reciprocal nature of gratitude, and such is our destiny as Earthlings sharing a path of promise and peace.

Large-scale walking patterns have captivated humans for thousands of years. Here at Cerimon House, we see the labyrinth as a signature image for our work in the community, especially during these times of dramatic change in the world. This unique path is a pleasing way to focus, and move forward. Our walking pattern is a 33 foot adaptation of the historic design from Reims, France. Similar to a large-scale compass, our attendees enjoy walking on this floor pattern to focus, unplug, restore, and recalibrate. Unlike mazes (which are designed to amaze-or-confuse) you can't get lost on a labyrinth as they are “unicursal”, which means there is always a way forward and an arrival point at the center.

Allow 30 minutes for the Creative Path Walk experience,
and then stay awhile to decompress.
(Pre-scheduled half hour slots are available at the link below. )
Walk-ins (between 12 noon to 3:30pm on scheduled weekend dates) are also welcome,
and there is usually no more than a ten minute wait in that case.

* Our labyrinth is a shoe-free zone, so please do wear comfy socks.
* Our building is indeed climate controlled.
* The experience is contemplative, and is recommended for those age 9-&-up.
* Happily, it is a cellphone and camera-free zone.
* After your walk, we encourage you to stay with us : to sip tea and decompress.

Our monthly events are open to the public, and donations are most welcome:
the proceeds benefit our nonprofit organization's programming & community offerings.

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