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Sacred Geometry & Mandala Art: "Drawing The Universe"

The Liminal Space Society presents:

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Sacred Geometry reveals the harmonic patterns that underlie and create the world around us. The mandala is the “sacred circle”, an ancient symbol of wholeness. Through direct experience with mandalas and sacred geometry, we can create a greater sense and understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings.

Join us for this full day (10am - 5pm) immersion of creative expression. The morning segment of this play-shop will focus on sacred geometry and learning to draw two basic patterns. The afternoon will focus on the contemplative process of the mandala. Short guided meditations aligning with the significance of 11/11 will be offered throughout the day. No experience necessary, supplies are provided. Bring your own lunch, and beverages will be provided.

$90 for the full day.
To pre-register, call Sandra at 503-709-0820.

Liminal Space Society friends explore threshold experiences as catalysts for creative and fearless engagement of liminal space. We invite re-enchantment of self and community.

Thanks you so much for your interest in joining instructors Ansula Press (mandalas) and Nadi Hana (sacred geometry) on a fascinating and artfully liminal day. We are eager to see you there.