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Community Conversation: Home Place

Home Place: Envisioning the Future of our Neighborhoods

Curated by community activist and artisan Robin Chilstrom, and featuring panelists Fred Leeson of the Architectural Heritage Center, Architect Mark Lakeman representing the ‘Village’ concept, and a representative of the City of Portland’s planning department.

Sunday, December 9th at 3:00pm

The event is free, snacks will be provided,
and a 16” x 20,” framed Betty Chilstrom print
will be raffled to benefit the Community Transitional School.

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The focus of this Community Conversation is forward-looking, with an eye to embracing a “sense of place” ethos, revitalizing and adapting our architectural legacy for use in the 21st century, understanding what plans by the City are now in motion for urban development as we move forward, and imagining how our neighborhoods can evolve to serve the diverse communities that they are comprised of.

Home Place is a predominant theme in the work of artist Betty Chilstrom (on display in the galleries of Cerimon House) as she was a homeless child during the Great Depression. Even still, families are watching the fabric of their communities unravel as modest, one-family homes are making way for buildings out-of-scale with neighborhoods, and beyond the price range of many. At the same time, we need to plan for more people, therefore, residential housing density is a viable solution. But how we do it, how we create options that give people opportunities to bond as neighbors is equally important. Here’s the question then: What is our vision for creating livable, equitable and sustainable neighborhoods in the 21st century, and, how do we do it?

• Fred Leeson, of the Architectural Heritage Center, will represent the historic preservation piece of this puzzle. He’ll speak about restoration and adaptive use of Portland’s architectural legacy.
• A (to-be-named) representative from the City’s planning department will introduce us to: • what is being imagined at the city level •  what is currently in the planning stage (like the Albina Vision Project) and, •  projects now underway.
• Architect Mark Lakeman, representing the ‘Village’ concept in high-density community growth and neighborhood connectedness, will speak about citizen-led co-housing and neighborhood livability projects. Founder of the Tea Horse project, his business is Communitecture.