Where the community convenes
to experience the evolving human story.

Cerimon House is a nonprofit humanities and cultural arts organization, and a popular event space located in the heart of the Alberta Arts District of Portland, Oregon. Our mission includes: 

  • COMMUNITY: A variety of gatherings that focus on the healthy civic life of the population. A nexus of ideas and offerings.

  • CREATIVITY: The cultural arts brought to vivid life in performance, exhibits, craft, song, and language.

  • CURIOSITY: Educational classes, workshops, and conferences for students of all ages.

  • CEREMONY: Unique celebrations in a place of inclusivity and kindness.

We are a convening space for events that uplift, and bring about conversations that inspire.
The activities of Cerimon House take place in our renovated historic neighborhood lodge
COMPLETE WITH auditorium, large halls, and break-out rooms. 

Named after a kind & wise character in a seafaring tale, Cerimon [pronounced "sérra-mon"] is a wonderful neighbor.
And it is in that spirit that we welcome you to this house.

Our colleague, internationally acclaimed actor Brian Cox says it beautifully: "Cerimon House represents the cultural aspiration of a community...and if we don't have a community, and if we don't have cultural aspiration, we have very little, particularly in these times."

We value and appreciate your support of us as we continue to aspire and deliver on our mission of creating a space for Community, Creativity, Curiosity and Ceremony.

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